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The demand for pre-prepared foods has changed the onus of responsibility for cleanliness during preparation from the home to the processor. The increase in fresh food choice is affecting consumer demand for more and more product information. In addition to the increase in consumer demand, market opportunities and regulators are demanding that traceability of consumables be addressed now.

When a possible contamination occurs, consumers make their judgements as much on the speed and efficiency of the reaction to such an occurrence as they do on it happening in the first place. The Food industry supply chain is complex, with harvesting, processing and finished products potentially occurring in a number of markets. Complete transparency of such supply chains requires a well developed traceability system. A good, well documented food safety and traceability system becomes part of a company's brand advantage, positioning the brand as safe and reliable with customers and consumers alike.

Our systems deliver outcomes in traceability, yield control and production performance. They allow for report generation and near real time human performance measurement. For example, you will be able to monitor preset tolerances such as tray weight, give-away, grade and quality; all against time and date by station and operator.

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