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About Us


Cedar Creek Company is a leading supplier of technology to the meat processing sector within Australia and New Zealand, the company also has installation in Europe, Africa and South America.

Cedar Creek Company's products deliver traceability, compliance and automation to the meat processing sector through specialised software solutions and on-plant hardware systems.

Cedar Creek Company's systems are intelligent, modular (both software and hardware), flexible, and future proofed by our ability to modify the system software to meet the client's changing needs.

The company is now working through a 5 year plan that included visions for continued growth. The company works very closely with key industry and government bodies, is continuing to invest heavily in R&D especially around our innovative technologies like VIAscan and BodyTrace.

Our plans for the future include:

  • Consolidate our existing product line (keeping the best of Cedar Creek and SASTEK solutions)
  • Improving our customer service and support
  • Improving collaboration with the industry on product direction

History - Pre Acquisition

Cedar Creek Company is a merge between Cedar Creek Company Pty Ltd and SASTEK Pty Ltd., through an acquisition buyout where Cedar Creek Company acquired 100% of shares in SASTEK in August 2008.

Prior to August 2008 CCC & SASTEK were separate companies often in direct competition.

Cedar Creek Company Pty. Ltd.

Founded in 1999 by Tony Abbott and Lynne Lambert, Cedar Creek Company was originally established as a software provider into the meat industry quickly developing a specialised inventory management system for the sector. The company originally developed it core product based on requirements requested by Australian Meat Holdings (now part of JBS).

After 3 years as the specialised in-house bureau for AMH, Cedar Creek Company commercialised there software product with success into some of the industries most important operators.

At the same time the company also diversified and entered into supplying RF mobility infrastructure and manufacturing specialised print & apply equipment.

SASTEK Pty. Ltd.

The company was founded in 1980 by Bruce Williams and originally incorporated as Scales and System Pty. Ltd.

SASTEK specialised in providing Data Capture Solutions and Management Information Systems to meat industry. For nearly twenty years it was the industry innovator and leading supplier of traceability compliant systems for supply of technology into the meat industry holding multiple patents and design innovations for their equipment.

During this time the company had a strong customer base with office's though-out Australia and New Zealand, plus South Africa and UK.

In 1991 the company received the Premier of Queensland's 'Outstanding New Exporter' Award & "Emerging Exporter" Award.

In 1994 the company gained its first ISO 9001 certification.

In March 2000 AgResearch New Zealand (New Zealand's leading agricultural research institute) becomes a major shareholder in SASTEK. Shortly afterwards AgResearch restructured their business and introduced individuals took over the AgResearch shareholdings.

In 2004 SASTEK acquires the VIAscan technology for objective grading measurements and predictive yield.

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